More about me | Više o meni

As you already read, my name is Anina Oštrić. Online I use to be known as Shedevil 🙂


I was born and live in beautiful Zagreb, the capital of Croatia and I am MarTech enthusiast. Although I am professional marketer and communicator, it is and always been difficult (if not hardest) to write about myself. I guess in that area I am more IT than Marketing person. And Marketing person in me always places the client in the first place so self-promotion is an area where I still have to work ?

So let’s try to cover the basic.

Since early age I was playful and exploratory, always keen to learn new stuff and improve old stuff in fun and open-minded way. That is probably why I my first real professional love was IT. And all this is at the same time should be eye pleasing, packed in a nice wrapper, an attractive and interesting. That’s my Marketing personality.

Recently, I took some fun test and discovered that I am left right brain balanced and that explained a lot. I mean, I suspected that for a long time but when you receive testimony from a random online test, it must be true, right? ?

All kidding aside, I’ve always known – since the early 90’s of the last century – that IT and Marketing are lovers. At first secret lovers however their love became public knowledge since the beginning of this century. But you will read about that in some of my future posts.

If you want, you can learn a lot about me and my personality trough my posts and Facebook profile. I love to cook and eat with my friends. I am crazy about life. I adore dogs and long walks with my Luce. Love to read and write. Love to watch the world around me and listen to good music

About my professional path, you read in About me section where you also learned that I am a passionate about life, my work and doing things that will create better place for all of us.

I really, really, love what I do for a living and try as hard as I can to help others find a way to do what they love.

I am always interested in a challenge and enjoy side projects of all kinds. So if you have one for me or just want to drop me a note to say hi, I am only a email away – Love to hear it from you!

~ To be amended and continued ? ~