Coral Angels branding


Coral Angels

Promo movie for Coral Angels brand as the first step of the branding process and creation of CoralAngels webshop. I am in charge of refreshment of visual identity, creation of digital strategy, visuals and content. My work on this move includes production, photography and creation of video in full .

Behind the name Coral Angels is the art workshop from Zagreb. They make modern and unique coral jewellery that are sold in galleries and art shops throughout Croatia. Products will also be available soon trough web shop.

Year | Razdoblje: 2019

Role | Uloga: Project Leader

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A little bit more about corals

(Text from: Alternativa za vas)

Corals come in the form of trees or reefs and exist in many colours: red, white, blue, brown, black, pink, orange. Tibetans and Indians believed it was a sacred stone of incredible strength. The ancient Greeks dedicated it to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and thought it solved love and sexual problems. Many civilisations used corals as protection against black magic and spells.

Coral calms emotions, stimulates positive attitude, eases feelings of despair and despondency. With his power, he increases the wisdom and awareness of the needs of the people around us. It has a positive effect on interpersonal relationships and strengthens the ability to give and receive. Strengthens friendship, encourages tenderness and romance and promotes positive communication. Gives courage and persistence in problem solving and encourages courage and risk taking. Coral is thought to contribute to success and prosperity, boost strength and flexibility. Corals can help to eliminate fears, restlessness, anxiety and negative emotions. It has a beneficial effect on the female reproductive organs and facilitates pregnancy. Coral is a well-known and respected amulet against accidents, infertility, injuries, falls.


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