European Family Business Barometer – Croatian

European Family Business Barometer – Croatian version: Europski barometar obiteljskih poduzeća


Role | Uloga: Team member, Local marketing lead (research, translation, event planning and execution) 

Year | Razdoblje: 2016, 2017, 2018

Company: KPMG Croatia d.o.o.

The report offers insights into the confidence levels of family businesses in Europe and detailed report of the situation in Croatia.

Scope of my duties:

Project Selection:
– Identify the focus of the business area
– Competitiveness analysis
– Identification of the target group (based on the list of Top1000 Croatian companies in the magazine Lider)
– Presentation of the Project to the Management Board and getting the “green light” for the project

– Create and distribute invitations to engage in research identified by contacts in family businesses
– tracking the success of questionnaires and reminders

– comparison of European results and local and comparison with the results of previous years
– analysis of local results and identification of key areas for the local market
– organization of translation results, translation control, and adding content relevant to the local market

– Initiate and execute cooperation with Croatian Employers’ Association, the magazine Lider and CEPOR in order to jointly promote the results
– Event organization for 100 participants
– Co-ordination of graphic design and printing
– Creation of the presentation
– Media promotion (Press release 2015, Press release 2016

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