UPM – Udruga pozitivnih misli

UPM - Udruga pozitivbih misli

UPM – Udruga pozitivnih misli


Role: Blogger

Pozitivne misli in Croatian are Positive thinking in English. And you all know what positive thinking does to you body, soul and everyday life.

In November 2004 I started another blogging as UPM (in Croatian this abbreviation has a special meaning ?) or Positive Thinking NGO.

It was not official NGO but a virtual space that shared positive thoughts that you can visit for daily sparks of positive energy. It was created as community of good willed people and soon after first few post, it reached it’s goals.

Articles from that Blog are transferred here:

Other posts will also be transferred (and translated to English) in future so if you like this topics, feel free to follow.

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