Specialization or generalization?

Specialization or generalization?

What is, in your opinion, better.  What kind of people do you prefer to work with: ones with proficiency in lot of things and skills that will find solution for (almost) any situation or the ones that are really good at one or two things.  And please do share what are you, generalist or specialist?

This was I question I placed on my Linkedin profile. Read the opinions and please share yours either below or on Linkedin.

Current opinions are:

  1. Depends on that am I a coworker or customer. Depends on that how wide the criteria is set.

2 . A good mix. However, the preference does vary by profession, geographical market, demand and supply. As does the ability of people to learn on their feet and adapt.

3. It depends on the field of work/knowledge; each has its benefits. However, despite rivers of ink supporting generalization and the ability to learn and progress in new fields work, institutions still cling to specializations. (though again, this does vary according to context).


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