In November 2004 I started another blogging as UPM (in Croatian this abbreviation has a special meaning 😉 or Positive Thinking NGO.

It was not official NGO but a virtual space that shared positive thoughts. It was created so that you can visit for daily sparks of positive energy. It was created as community of good willed people and soon after first few post, it reached it’s goals.

My intentions was to create happy, vibrant visually appealing space and connect positive thinking bloggers from the Croatian scene at the time. In the process some of my thoughts was posted, things that shift me form negative to positive. I collected content that always makes me smile, feel a bit more happier. At the end visitors started sharing content that makes them happy.  And just like that, a small, positive community was created 🙂

It started as an playful experiment and I was happy to see that it was received well. And supported by large number of followers. In almost two years, that blog produced more than 80 posts and it would be pity that it is not shared again with the modern audience.

We can all use positive energy boost, right?

Please, have in mind that content from that blog was solely created to bring the smile on the face of the readers 🙂

In the future, posts that was very dear to me will be transferred to this place, my new virtual home.  So, stay tuned’ 🙂


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Great idea, looking forward to be inspired by posts.

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