The ADSEE project

It is my great honour and privilege to be part of the ADSEE project as a member of AUC team. DATA SCIENCE is already shaping almost all of the aspects of our daily life so being part of the ADSEE project is therefore both privilege and big responsibility for our team and me personally.

The main objective

The ADSEE project aim to deliver useful educational and training programme in data science. Project tasks include development of educational modules, adaption of contents and methods according to envisaged needs of the target groups. Also it will include creation of interactive didactic tools, production of guidelines and recommendations on innovative education approaches in DS. Special attention will be paid to data science in non-technical universities and its application in nontechnical business. That in short means that previous knowledge in this area is not mandatory.

Project overwiev

The last project meeting gave a clear project overview, showing that University of Amsterdam – Economics and Business and TIB teams are busy designing applicability of the data science to the job markets. Fakulteta za informacijske študije and Arctur are exploring DS usage within fields of tourism and cultural heritage. Our Algebra LAB team, that I am proud member of,  is, on the other hand, looking at convergence of datascience with marketing and data security. Lot to do and lot to learn! 🙂
So, you can expect more content about AI-based marketing and how Data Science is reshaping marketing industry day by day. I am looking forward to further research and share my knowledge with you. So, stay tuned 🙂

Find out more at project page

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