CD-ROM “eCitizen”


Role | Uloga: Coauthor and co-editor 

Year | Razdoblje: 2006

Planned and wrote scenario and text for content; assembled, edited and proofread finished content and assembled for integrating into application (Flash based), checked compliance with ECDL Foundation eCitizen syllabus; supervised team meetings, monitored and reported progress to CEO; documentation regarding project development, promotion of the project.

e-Citizen is specifically developed for people with a limited knowledge of computers and the Internet. The e-Citizen certification programme is divided into three learning blocks;

BLOCK 1: FOUNDATION SKILLS – gives the candidate the necessary skills and knowledge for basic computer and Internet use. This block covers:

  • The computer
  • Files and folders
  • Simple applications
  • Internet basics
  • Email basics

BLOCK 2: INFORMATION SEARCH – makes the candidate aware of the nature and extent of information available on the Internet in the areas of news, government, consumer, travel, education / training, employment, health, interest groups, and business. This block covers:

  • Searching – wide range of internet sources
  • Precautions – issues & risks
  • Reliability of information

BLOCK 3: E-PARTICIPATION – Building on the computer and search skills already acquired, this block completes the skills set necessary for the candidate to become an e-Citizen. This block covers:

  • Online services
  • Practical applications

Company: Elit-trade d.o.o.

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