Pulse of the Economy – Croatian

Pulse of the Economy – Croatian version: Puls gospodarstva


Role | Uloga: Team member, Local marketing lead (research, translation, event planning and execution) 

Year | Razdoblje: 2017, 2018

Company: KPMG Croatia d.o.o.

Research of opinions from business leaders on the state of national economies and the outlook for their companies in nine European countries including Croatia.

Scope of my duties:

  • Project Selection:
    • Identify the focus of the business area
    • Competitiveness analysis
    • Identification of the target group (based on the list of Top1000 Croatian companies in the magazine Lider)
    • Presentation of the Project to the Management Board and getting the “green light” for the project
  • Researching:
    • Create and distribute invitations to engage in research 
    • tracking the success of questionnaires and reminders
  • Analysis:
    • comparison of European results and local and comparison with the results of previous years
    • analysis of local results and identification of key areas for the local market
    • organization of translation results, translation control and adding content relevant to the local market
  • Presentation:

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